CORE grass pavers

Turf Reinforcement Grids

COREgrass CT60-40 Turf Reinforcement Grids

COREgrass Benefits

  • Stable Surface. The COREgrass grid structure is a series of discrete fully enclosed octagonal cells which support the tyre loads of vehicles thus allowing occasional vehicular use of turfed surfaces.
  • Easy Installation. The lightweight COREgrass turf reinforcement panels are 3% of the weight of concrete grass paver alternatives and are easily installed by unskilled labour (including DIY).
  • Water Flow. The apertures in the vertical cell walls enable horizontal water flow between cells, which means water can more readily disperse throughout the turfed pavement.
  • Fast Installation. The large COREgrass panels (over 1 m2 each) are the largest on the market and with their simple interlocking clips they are very quick to lay.
  • Economical. COREgrass turf reinforcement grids are an economical and effective choice compared with other plastic and alternative material options especially when installation costs are considered.
  • Eco-friendly. The 100% porous surface returns rain water to the water table rather than allowing it to run off to drainage as with solid surfaces, thus minimizing drainage costs and helping the environment.
  • Almost Invisible. The green COREgrass turf grids are almost invisible below the turf when properly installed.

COREgrass Reinforced Turf Driveway

COREgrass Features

COREgrass turf reinforcement grids give you hassle-free driveable grass surface which is ideal for occasional use vehicle traffic such as overflow car parking, emergency access roads and occasional use driveways.

COREgrass turf stabilization grids consist of large sheets of open, octagonal, polypropylene cells with an integral stability flange at the bottom of each cell. When filled with a suitable turf growing soil you get a driveable turf solution that solves the problems of ground rutting and soil compaction in the root zone.

The large, light weight COREgrass sheets are in stark contrast to small, heavy concrete grass pavers. COREgrass sheets are 10 times the area of concrete turf blocks and only 3% of the weight. Consequently COREgrass turf reinforcement grids are significantly easier and quicker to instal than concrete turf pavers.

The grass in a COREgrass pavers can be produced quickly by laying turf mats on top or economically by seeding into the soil in the cells. All panels have a simple interlocking clip system that holds panels securely together even on steep slopes.