COREglow garden pebbles

Glow in the Dark Pebbles

Blue glow garden pebbles on driveway at night

Vivid Green glow garden pebbles on path edge at night.

COREglow garden pebbles are an eco-friendly, all night source of rechargeable soft glowing light and are suitable for outdoor landscaping, interior decor, crafts and novelty fun. Because they use NO ELECTRICITY or other power source they are good for the environment and they won’t just stop working like some solar lights do.

EcoHex’s glow in the dark garden pebbles come in two types with a choice of size and colour:

1. The PolyPebble (synthetic resin) glow pebbles are used for

  • Landscaped path borders
  • Outdoor stair safety marking
  • Scattering over gravel paths
  • Seeding or placing into concrete paths and edges
  • Interior decoration of potted plants and vases
  • Craft work
  • Glowing jewellery
  • Novelty fun such as creating glowing animals, flowers and word

  • 2. The Glo-Glass (tumbled glass) garden pebbles are used for

  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Polished concrete
  • Polished concrete table tops

    The Ice Blue and Vivid Green PolyPebble glow stones in small and large are shown below. The Glo-Glass glow stones come in a 4-10mm size in both Ice Blue and Vivid Green but are not shown below.

    COREglow Benefits

    • Stable Surface. The COREgravel grid structure is a series of discrete fully enclosed hexagonal cells which keep gravel in place with no rutting and spreading like loose gravel.
    • Easy Installation. The lightweight gravel stabilization panels are easily installed by unskilled labour (including DIY).
    • Weed Growth. The attached geotextile fabric dramatically inhibits weed growth (except nut grass).
    • Fast Installation. The large COREgravel panels with simple interlocking clips are quick to lay.
    • Economical.COREgravel’s large product range (from light duty to super heavy duty) allows you to choose the right product for your specific project thereby saving on product and gravel costs.
    • Eco-friendly. The 100% porous surface returns rain water to the water table rather than allowing it to run off to drainage, thus minimizing drainage costs and helping the environment.
    • Steep Slopes up to 15 deg are possible for driveways (using CG50-35) and paths (any).

    COREglow Features

    COREgravel gravel stabilization grids give you hassle-free porous gravel paving which is ideal for all types of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, including trucks, cars, bicycles, wheel chairs and wheelie bins. Even though it is simple and economical to install there is no compromise on durability and strength.

    COREgravel gravel stabilization grids consist of large sheets of open, hexagonal, polypropylene cells with a layer of geotextile fabric thermally welded to the underside. When filled with gravel they give a stable, porous gravel pavement which solves the problems of gravel rutting and migration.

    The light weight hexagonal cells form a super strong honeycomb configuration which holds gravel in place and provides significant load bearing capacity. Plus the geotextile fabric inhibits weed growth and prevents mixing of the gravel and the base layer below, whilst allowing water to drain freely through. All panels have a simple interlocking clip system that holds panels securely together even on steep slopes.

    Small PolyPebbles
    25mm x 15mm
    Ice Blue

    Small PolyPebbles
    25mm x 15mm
    Vivid Green


    Large PolyPebbles
    40mm x 30mm
    Ice Blue

    Large PolyPebbles
    40mm x 30mm
    Vivid Green

    Make your gardens glow

    COREglow Poly Pebble Prices

    Pebbles (Plastic) Small and Large
    1 kg order: $ 54/kg incl GST
    3 - 10 kg order: $ 46/kg incl GST
    11 - 100 kg order: $ 42/kg incl GST

    Over 100 Kg: Click here to Contact us